AI&DT School

The School of AI and Data Technologies offers both online and offline programs in Data Science and Generative AI
AI&DT Generative AI Web Site by Curves Digital
Web Design
Frontend & Backend
AI & DT School

Website redesign and development

We enhanced the school's branding to better resonate with experienced data specialists
Our task was to craft a more unified and cohesive design for the specific audience of experienced specialists, leading us to delve deep into the realms of data and mathematics.

Graphs & Illustrations

We sought inventive methods to convey the concepts of technology without relying on clichéd metaphors
To address this task while ensuring the mathematical precision in the visuals, we delved further into mathematical concepts and sought advice from data specialists.
AI&DT Graphs & Illustration by Curves Digital
AI&DT Graphs & Illustration by Curves Digital
AI&DT Graphs & Illustration by Curves Digital
AI&DT Graphs & Illustration by Curves Digital

Assessment test

We developed an advanced assessment test which includes a code editor and LaTeX formula rendering
To ensure convenient environment for resolving data tasks, we developed a full-fledged code editor within the test form, featuring programming in Python, probability tasks and LaTeX formatting. We integrated the form with the Typeform service, allowing users to access their test contents after form submission.
AI&DT Assessment Test by Curves Digital
AI&DT Assessment Test by Curves Digital

Other pages

As the project expands, we are assisting in the launch of new landing pages using the renewed identity
We have designed and developed multiple new pages — from the main page to the the Typeform landing, turning the project into a complex multi-page website.
main page
AI&DT School Home Page by Curves Digital
team page
admission test
AI&DT Team Page by Curves Digital
Presentation by Curves Digital


As part of our long-term collaboration with AI&DT, we provide website support, hypothesis testing, and more
In our daily communication with AI&DT, we stay open to new challenges, both big and small. Thus, we constantly help with bug fixes, website administration along with A/B testing and other marketing experiments.
short landing
AI&DT School Generative AI Short Landing by Curves Digital
new features
AI&DT School Graduation Certificate by Curves Digital
AI&DT New Features by Curves Digital


Alena Filchugova
Irina Lemzyakova
Yana Oleynikova
Artem Maslov
Alexander Baglaev
Frontend & Backend
Dmitriy Vakhnenko
Egor Sokolov
Aleksey Timofeev
Vita Bykova
Yulia Myshlyaeva
Anna Egorova