Nomad Gossip Magazine

NGM is the first ever digital media for nomads, offering both a digital and a paper magazine with exclusive content, created to unite digital nomads from around the world
Nomads Gossip Magazine website by Curves Digital
Web Design
Nomads Gossip Magazine

Logo and metaphor

From a broad conceptual idea to a distinct product concept, we experimented with visual metaphors to shape the magazine’s identity
We crafted letters mirroring fragments of roads winding across maps, with dots symbolizing stops along these routes. This imagery captures the essence of emerging connections among individuals from around the world, united by the same lifestyle.
Nomads Gossip Magazine's logo in progress by Curves Digital
Metaphor road /
Life path of a nomad
Road metaphor for Nomads Gossip Magazine by Curves Digital
White logo
Black logo


We elaborated on the road metaphor, using collage elements to recreate a sense of a personal diary filled with memories of places and events
The physical version of the magazine, which is available along the digital one, offers the tactility we pursued in our branding. Drawing inspiration from handmade artifacts like handwritten texts, collaged photos, and tickets, we aimed to make our branding tactile and nostalgic.
Nomads Gossip Magazine branded booklet by Curves Digital
Nomads Gossip Magazine merch by Curved Digital
Nomads Gossip Magazine tote bag by Curves Digital
Collages for Nomads Gossip Magazine by Curves Digital

Web design

The website resembles an experience of flipping through a personal diary, being intimate yet informative and welcoming
We wanted our website to be visually light, communicating the magazine’s values in a simple and straightforward way. With considerable creative freedom granted by the client, we collaborated on defining the website’s tone of voice in texts, alongside crafting templates for NGM’s social media.
Nomads Gossip Magazine landing page by Curves Digital
Page of issue

Personal touch

The NGM team consists of passionate nomads who kindly consider us collaborators rather than mere contractors
With NGM, we’re more than just a client and agency. We were trusted to help shape the project, share our vision, and navigate challenges together. Feeling like a part of the client’s team, we continue to support the project today.

Digital issue

We helped adapt the physical magazine, developed by a different team, for the digital format
While the main version of the journal is physical, we transformed its static first page into an interactive digital experience. Additionally, we facilitated smoother integration with the Issuu service where the magazine is hosted.
The digital issue of Nomads Gossip Magazine by Curves Digital


We connected with Curves when the idea of the magazine was nothing but a vision. There were no fonts or colors chosen yet. We went through a research and discovery phase by collecting references and our audience portrait before the talented and creative team presented the first drafts. The first draft is always the most challenging, as it can go either right or very wrong.

When they explained the vision about the path of digital nomads with turns that collect memories and experiences, and then turned it into the simple but emotionally strong logo the whole team was impressed. We did not want to change anything. They got it right on the first shot! Any further changes were proposed by the team as I was already happy with the initial concept.

What I can tell about Curves: they are creative, stylish, and thorough in their discovery and research steps, which makes their decisions and visual interpretations hit the jackpot right away. I have recommended them to another friend, who also was extremely happy with the creative vision. Curves are go to when you need to create a branding style and mood to connect with your audience.
Valeria Pitiakova
Visionary and CEO


Victoria Ryazantseva
Vladimir Rotov
Egor Sokolov
Aleksey Timofeev
Vita Bykova
Yulia Myshlyaeva
Anna Egorova