TripleTen (ex. Practicum)

For TripleTen USA, Latin America, Asia, and Israel we execute an array of tasks — from landing pages production and hypotheses testing to website support
Design support
No-code development

Landing pages for new markets

We’ve been working with the TripleTen team for more than a year. The specifics of the product is its scope — more than 15 countries in 4+ languages. All in all, in 2022 we produced 128 landing pages for TripleTen
Working with the designs provided by the client, we contribute our expertise in the no-code instrument to overcome its limitations. Together we produce product and promo landings, launch animated designs while the project is still growing day by day.

Special projects

Experimental tasks make up a significant portion of our collaboration with TripleTen
As a representation of celebration and happiness in Spanish-speaking Latin American countries, the piñata was featured on local websites during the holiday season. We transformed TripleTen’s designs into an interactive animation, with the piñata hanging on the first screen and giving away New Year’s presents.
In celebration of Valentine’s Day 2023, we developed an interactive heart animation that enabled users to receive diverse gifts from TripleTen, both for themselves and their significant others. Our team brought the animation to life and executed its mechanics based on TripleTen’s original designs and concept.

TripleTen USA

We’ve been consistently supporting TripleTen by helping with landings productions, contributing to the frontend tasks, resolving bugs, and assisting with content updates
As part of our collaboration, we assist the client in launching and maintaining product landings. No-code technology enables the team to be agile and quickly test hypotheses, which is advantageous for the product growth. We also focus on incorporating automated features into the tool beyond no-code to simplify website support.

TripleTen B2B

Product concept of B2B platform for data visualization in HR departments
As a tech company, TripleTen often creates products tailored to specific markets and requirements. One such product is a B2B platform designed for HR departments to create infographics, presentations, and static data. We developed a product concept based on the existing TripleTen user interface, targeting Latin American companies with a significant number of employees.


As TripleTen expands into new markets, there is a growing need for community-driven platforms such as blogs
We began by creating the design and launching the USA blog on Webflow. After that, we worked on the blog design with the Israeli team and produced it as well. Later on, blogs expanded to Latin America and Indonesia. We continue to support some of these blogs, working closely with the content teams to implement new features and improve the user experience.


With time we recognized the need for an internal documentation system, as TripleTen continues to evolve and our understanding of the products deepens
This system includes a detailed and up-to-date history of tasks, bugs, and challenges that have arisen, enabling all members of the team to stay informed about the project’s legacy. The documentation also facilitates more collaborative communication with TripleTen teams, moving beyond simple execution to deeper engagement.


Working with Curves is a pleasure. The team works quickly and efficiently. They have excellent expertise, which they are willing to share. It’s evident that they care and are proactive in suggesting ideas for technical optimization of landing pages and improving layout and design. They provide clear instructions when needed and are always ready to assist. They have become a part of my team rather than just an agency.
Artem Bogoslovskii
Manager of TripleTen, new markets
Curves is undoubtedly one of the finest contractors we have ever collaborated with. We have complete trust in their ability to develop our website pages. They consistently support all our ideas and requests, and there appears to be no challenge they cannot overcome. I highly value our partnership and appreciate the seamless experience we have had working together. Their promptness, meticulous planning, and strong sense of responsibility have been outstanding. We have an array of upcoming projects, and I am delighted to have such a reliable partner who can assist us with any challenges, improvements, bug fixes, and achieving better performance results.
Alexandra Miron
Project Manager of TripleTen USA


Irina Lemzyakova
Design and no-code
Aleksey Timofeev
Vladimir Rotov
Denis Hohryakov
Yulia Myshlyaeva
Anna Egorova
Elina Bolshenkova