For TripleTen USA, Latin America, Asia, and Israel we execute an array of tasks — from landing pages production and hypotheses testing to website support
TripleTen landing pages by Curves Digital
Design support
No-code development

Landing pages for different countries

We’ve been working with TripleTen for over 2 years. The specifics of the product is its scope – more than 15 countries in 4+ languages, divided into 3 separate client teams. All in all, in 2023 we produced over 120 landing pages for TripleTen
We contribute our design and development expertise in the no-code instrument to overcome its limitations. In tight collaboration with the client teams, we produce product and promo landings, daily support the websites while the project is still growing day by day.

TripleTen USA

We consistently help the team with landing production, along with quality assurance, bug fixes, frontend tasks, and SEO optimization
We remain focused on clients' evolving business goals, in this regard we assist not just with product landing pages, but also with time-sensitive special offer launches and experimental tasks for A/B testing. Between 2023 and 2024, we helped redesign the entire website. We're also focusing on adding automated features to the no-code tools to make website support more efficient.
TripleTen USA landing page by Curves Digital
TripleTen USA pages by Curves Digital
"Curves is undoubtedly one of the finest contractors we have ever collaborated with. They consistently support all our ideas and requests, and there appears to be no challenge they cannot overcome."
Alexandra Miron
Project Manager of TripleTen USA
As the project is targeted at 6 countries in 2 languages, its extensive website requires constant technical support, from no-code andмfrontend development to speed optimization and quality assurance

TripleTen Latin America

We’ve been involved with the project since its launch, gradually becoming aмday-to-day support system for producing and maintaining product pages, consulting the client about the no-code to produce experimental designs and functionalities. We mainly work the client’s designs but sometimes pick up design tasks to offload the TripleTen team.
TripleTen Brazil landing page by Curves Digital
TripleTen Mexico landing page by Curves Digital
TripleTen Chile landing page by Curves Digital
TripleTen Peru landing page by Curves Digital
TripleTen Ecuador landing page by Curves Digital
TripleTen Colombia landing page by Curves Digital

TripleTen Israel

We supported TripleTen Israel from the beginning – launching all landing pages and daily supporting it up until today
When launching the Israeli website we could implement best practices gained over the course of our collaboration with other client teams. The project develops within the Israeli market and faces specific needs, resulting in implementation of new functionality such as web accessibility widget, and custom frontend solutions to optimize website support.
TripleTen Israel landing page in Hebrew by Curves Digital
All TripleTen teams prepare special offer pages for various occasions, including local and international festivities, Black Fridays and more

Special offers support

We produce and support offers inмlimited timeframes while consulting the teams about technical specifications at all stages — from preproduction to design and development. We aim to integrate more frontend solutions for convenient support of the offer pages, which are extensive in number, and work in different languages.
TripleTen special offer page by Curves Digital
TripleTen special offer page by Curves Digital
TripleTen special offer page by Curves Digital
TripleTen special offer page by Curves Digital
TripleTen special offer page by Curves Digital
TripleTen special offer page by Curves Digital


As TripleTen expands, there is a growing need for community-driven platforms such as blogs
We helped launch the blogs for TripleTen USA and TripleTen Israel, which we continue to support today. Working with the content team of the US blog on a regular basis, we recently developed a new website section and provided the extended SEO optimization necessary for making a blog more visible for potential TripleTen students in web search.
TripleTen blog website by Curves Digital
TripleTen Israel landing page in Hebrew by Curves Digital
TripleTen Israel landing page in Hebrew by Curves Digital


With time we have become integrated into the client’s working process, attending regular calls, communicating directly with various specialist from TripleTen and preparing our own profound project documentation
We process and deliver tasks daily using client’s Jira. The system of regular calls allows us to plan sprints considering client’s relevant needs and the change in priorities. With time we recognized the need for our internal documentation, which now includes a detailed up-to-date history of tasks, bugs, and challenges that we have faced, enabling all members of our team to stay informed about the projects' legacy.


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Aleksey Timofeev
Design Support
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No-code development
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